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Turning Point Food Services is a company that specializes in institutional food service programs for area schools. Turning Point creates inventive school breakfasts, lunches, and snacks using a culinary team with a balanced approach to providing healthy, great-tasting food options. Turning Point works within the national childhood nutrition program guidelines. It can elevate student dining with a focus on gourmet food options. Turning Point exists to provide outstanding meals to students ages Pre-K to 12th grade.

Turning Point also makes an educational impact at the schools we service. We have implemented an extracurricular program for students to learn more about the origins and history of nutrition and a preparatory program for students interested in the restaurant business. We believe this providing this education enhances our unique position in this school cafeteria sector.

Turning Point Food Services' mission to its schools is to revolutionize the school foodservice industry. Healthy Fresh Foods that Taste Great and Educate!